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Auckland's Casa Espana language school has the finest language teachers available in Auckland, our Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin and Portuguese teachers are native speaking University Graduates from Spain, Chile, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, China, Japan and Brazil.


All of our teachers speak english fluently and are native speakers with University degrees so you will learn an authentic accent and proper grammar and receive the best possible teaching. If you are planning a trip, then nothing beats local knowledge, they can help you plan your dream trip... All of our teaching staff have University Teaching & Education degrees in teaching their language in schools and to foreigners and and years of experience in New Zealand and abroad. Our teachers are also available for private lessons one on one or in groups.

Spanish teachers / Tutors

  • Spanish teacher auckland

    Karol - Colombia

    Karol has a Bachelor Degree in Spanish, English and French from Colombia. She is a very patient and dynamic teacher whom enjoys seeing the learning progress of her students. In Colombia Karol organised a forum called "Good readers-Good writers" which was attended by members from different Universities of the Colombia. Karol worked as Spanish secondary school teacherin Colombia for 8 years has been teaching spanish to foreign students for 6 years, 3 years with the Spanish Institute of Auckland.

  • Spanish teacher auckland

    Paula - Spain

    Paula is from Spain, she has studied for a 4-year Bacherlor’s Degree in English and Chinese Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada, Spain. She completed 1 year of Eramus at Turun Yliopisto (University of Turku, Finland). Apart from her languages background, developed by her studies and her trips all around the world, Paula worked as Assistant Spanish Teacher at the Language Centre of the University of Turku.

  • Spanish teacher auckland

    Silvia - Peru

    Silvia is an energetic and engaging teacher from Lima, Peru. She has many of experience teaching and volunteering with Children and Adults in Lima. She has been part of the Spanish Institute's teaching staff for 1 year.

  • Spanish teacher auckland

    Carlotta - Italy

    Carlotta is an outgoing and enthusiastic teacher. She enjoys teaching students from all walks of life and helping them to develop their knowledge. She has always had a passion for language and writing since a young age.
    She has a Degree in Tourism. Her passion for traveling and exploring took her to live in many different places around the world. She has taught Italian in the UK, Mexico and even Thailand and has over 10 years of teaching experience. She also holds a TESOL Diploma.

  • Spanish teacher auckland

    Roxanne - China

    Roxanne came to New Zealand after she finished her Certificate of Teaching Mandarin as a Second Language in 2012 in Beijing Language and Culture University. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience in learning the beauty of Mandarin and traditional Chinese culture, as well as introducing authentic Chinese values and beliefs comparing to Kiwi culture. Roxanne has trained a variety of people from different ages, backgrounds and occupations in group classes and private company trainings. Teaching is her passion towards a successful education career in New Zealand. 

  • Spanish teacher auckland

    Laura - France

    Laura has taught French in Finland, England and Spain before she recently moved to New Zealand. She has graduated in Social Sciences from both Bordeaux and Toulouse University in France. She is passionate about languages and other cultures and speaks three languages fluently (French, English and Spanish) As a lover of languages and always learning new ones, she understands the challenges of learning a new language and will teach you the secrets to learning quick and easy..

  • Spanish teacher auckland

    Wenjuan - China

    Wenjuan has the Certificate of Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and holds a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Besides Mandarin Chinese, Wenjuan also speaks Cantonese. For 8 years now, she has been teaching English as a foreign language to all ages and levels in China and New Zealand, and helping adult Mandarin learners to learn more about the language and the rich Chinese culture. In her language teaching, there are always innovative approaches to meet different demands of students from different background and interests.

  • Spanish teacher auckland

    Aurore - France

    Aurore has over seven years experience in French Education and teaching French to foreigners.

    She is driven to work with students from culturally diverse backgrounds and enjoys being a challenging, creative, enthusiastic and patient teacher. She worked for 5 years at Collège Pont de Vivaux as their French, latin and greek teacher. Aurure has a bacehlor and Master's Degrees in Classical Studies and French Literature and CAPES from the University of Aix-en-Provence and